When Do I Need a Certificate of Review?

The Lakeland Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) Board of Directors has design review authority over small and large scale projects within the LDDA boundaries outside of the Munn Park Historic District.

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Generally a REPAIR of original features with like/similar materials and design can be approved by the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority staff without a Certificate of Review. See additional details below.

Certificate of Review Applications which require Design Review Committee Review will require either a Final Review and Approval only, or a Concept Review and Final Review and Approval:

Final review and approval only (one meeting with the Design Review Committee);

Small Scale – projects that can be presented to the Design Review Committee and should receive a vote of approval in one meeting. This would include most building additions, signs, awnings, garages, etc.

Concept review, and final review and approval (two or more meetings of the Design Review Committee);

Large Scale – projects which are more complex and would require an initial concept review by the Committee, followed later by a second and more detailed presentation to the Committee.  This would include new construction, complete demolitions with new construction, some restorations and other significant alterations.

Design Review Application
Supplimental Design Review Application

A Certificate of Review is NOT REQUIRED for:

Exterior Walls

– Repair of original wall material with like/similar materials and design.

Windows, Awnings and Doors

– Repair of existing windows and doors where type, style, size and arrangement remain the same as the original.

Roofs, Soffits, Fascia and Chimneys

– Repair of original shingles or tiles, with like/similar materials and design.

Ordinary Maintenance and Repair

– Duplicating original materials and features.


– Plant material, ornamentation (excluding walls and fences).

A Certificate of Review is REQUIRED with Design Review Committee approval for:

Windows, Awnings and Doors

– Replacement of existing windows and doors in the structure; includes awnings, shutters, transoms, sidelights, decorative details. Any changes in type, style, size or arrangement.

– Addition of awnings, shutters and decorative details.

Roofs, Soffits, Fascia and Chimneys

– Change in style, slope, roof material, or roof features; including dormers, cupolas, cornices, brackets, chimneys, weather vanes, lighting rods, or the addition of aluminum or vinyl features.


– New signs including awning, wall, marquee, window, door, ground, projecting and others.

– Replacement or duplication of existing building signs with like/similar signs.


– Porches, steps and railings; including original open porches, screened porches, enclosed porches with windows.

– Decks

– Walls, fences, satellite dishes.

– Other accessory or storage structures (excluding garages).

Alterations which require reconfiguration

– Entrances, porches, carports, garages, accessory structures.

– Creation of off-street parking area and/or driveways.


– Partial or exploratory demolitions.

– Complete demolitions, with proposed use/structures for review.

New Construction and Additions


– Returning a structure to its original character.

Exterior Walls

– Any change of wall material; removal, covering or adding of architectural features, major repairs.

– Any change of exterior color.