What’s Worth Knowing and Why


Why are city rules and regulations necessary anyway?

If you look around you will find that every organization, company, business, hotel, sports group, restaurant, etc stands on the principles established by that individual organization or business.

These rules and regulations also help a business organize the working process, just like in our own businesses, restaurants or shops.

Rules and regulations are made to protect and provide security and comfort to all those related to an organization, and a good working culture requires them to be in place in order to be successful.

This practical guide for Downtown Lakeland businesses provides an easy to understand listing of city regulations, rules and services that affect your business in Downtown.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Each category is its own page on the website. You can always use the SEARCH feature on he site to find pages related to the information you are looking for.

Business Exterior Maintenance

Everyone’s Quality of Life
Business Safety & Crime Preventions Information
Parking and Getting Around Downtown
Restaurant Rules & Regulation
How Merchants and Businesses Can Get Involved
Contacts for Downtown Businesses
Additional Information