Sign Guidelines and Approval Process

Signs within the LDDA district must be review by LDDA staff of Board for approval.  All signs must first meet the criteria of the City of Lakeland’s sign guidelines. Then, the LDDA guidelines are applicable.

Here are links to the city’s Land Development Code Sign regulations.

Before designing your sign, please refer to the LDDA sign guidelines.  Signs that are compliant with the LDDA guidelines can be quickly be approved administratively. Special requests for variances must be reviewed by the LDDA board of Directors who meet once per month on the third Thursday of the month.

To check to see if you are within the LDDA district you can download a map here. At the center of the LDDA district is the Historic Munn Park District. Properties within that area are reviewed by the Historic Preservation Board (HPB).  Please contact Emily Foster at 834-6011 if your business is within the HPB area.

Here is a link to the sign application: SIGN APPLICATION