Sidewalk Signs – Everything you need to know

Because of the pedestrian friendly atmosphere in Downtown, sidewalk signs are allowed by permit on Downtown sidewalks 10 feet or wider.

Signs have design guidelines and require a permit. Be sure to read the sign guidelines and locations allowed before purchasing a sign.  Below you will find links to all of the information you need to determine if you may have one, the size, etc., and the permit and supporting documents required.

Start with the checklist so you are sure to have everything you need before you submit. Once you have all of your required paperwork, drop off your permit packet to a permit technician at city hall. (228 S. Massachusetts Ave. – 1st floor just beyond the elevator to the right.) Be prepared to pay the permit fee.

The LDDA offer assistance for the purchase of and/or permitting of a sidewalk sign.  Please visit the grants and incentives page to learn more.

Sidewalk Sign Permit Checklist (Be sure you have completed the checklist before turning in the permit)

Sidewalk Sign Regulation (Be sure to read the city regulation so that you get it right the first time. Additional reviews from the permitting office may cost you more money.)

Downtown 10 foot Sidewalks Map (Use this map to determine if your business is located on a 10 foot sidewalk)

Sidewalk Sign Permit Application

Sidewalk Sign Indemnification (This requires notarization, so be prepared.)

Site Plan (This is an example of what your site plan for your sign can look like.  It can be hand drawn, but it needs to include the location of other sidewalk fixtures including any sidewalk cafe furniture.)