Classy Car Show Sign Up


First Friday has changed ownership and management. The Lakeland Downtown Development Authority is now the organization responsible for the event. As the new owners, we have assessed the event and need to make some changes. Those changes to the CAR SHOW portion of the event are outlined below:

  • We will brand the CAR SHOW as the First Friday Classy Car Show and include the information on all posters and print materials. We will create new banners with First Friday Classy Car Show and hang those on the barricades in the footprint of the CAR SHOW.
  • The CAR SHOW will have a dedicated footprint that will not vary from event to event. The CAR SHOW’s footprint will on Tennessee Ave from Lemon Street to Pine Street. Portions of the Munn Park parking lot and portions of Pine Street will be reserved as overflow areas.
  • The LDDA will be responsible (via paid staff) for delivering cones to the parking spaces, coning the spaces at 3pm, and removing the cones from the streets at the end of the night.
  • The LDDA staff will also man the barricades at the beginning and end of the event.  At 5pm and 5:30pm depending on the barricade, the staff person will be there to allow authorized cars into the event.
  • The car show will officially end at 8pm, not 9pm as the rest of the First Friday event does. At 8pm, the DJ will announce that the CAR SHOW is officially over and many cars will be vacating the streets. He will ask pedestrians to please vacate the street so we can get the cars out.
  • LDDA staff will lead cars out of the car show area and move the barricade to let them out. We will work on getting those folks out who want to leave from 8 to 8:30. Those who wish to stay will need to re-park in the parallel spaces as a regular car. We will open the street at 8:30. The remaining cars are now free to leave whenever they like. Cars who consistently want to leave at 8pm should be places closer to the exits for safety.
  • CAR SHOW participants will need to register with LDDA (just once, not every month) and LDDA will provide a dash placard to ID them. The LDDA will request contact information to be able to communicate as needed with car show folks – event cancellations, etc. – as well as use the information about the cars to promote them on our Facebook page. It is also imperative that we know who is participating in our event. Unfortunately, anyone who does not choose to register with us will not be allowed to participate in the First Friday classy car show.

We hope you will join us if you have never participated or continue with us if you are a regular participant. Please fill out the form attached. We will get your placard to you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you!

Julie Townsend, Executive Director – Lakeland Downtown Development Authority

863.687.8910 •


OR use the fillable form and you can sign a copy the next time you attend the event.