Design Review Process


1. Applicant must determine if subject property is located within the Downtown Area outside the Munn Park Historic District (Lakeland Downtown Development Authority Boundary: SEE MAP

2. Call (863) 687-8910 or meet with Lakeland Downtown Development (LDDA) staff to determine what type of review is necessary, outline the design review process and application and determine the anticipated approval schedule. Please see document “When do I need a Certificate of Review?”

3. Complete and return a Certificate of Review Application to the LDDA along with the following attachments, if they apply:

Site plan that shows the location of the structure including setbacks, existing and proposed construction, mechanical equipment if located outside, retention ponds (if required), sidewalks, access and driveways, parking, fencing and signage.

Architectural elevations or photo simulation or other drawings that show all four elevations of the proposed building or project.

Provide material samples and/or specification sheets of:

A. Overhangs, roofing material, brackets and other architectural features

B. Siding materials, exterior trim, paints and finishes

C. Specifications and photos of windows and doors

D. Column and porch details

E. Details of roof vents, chimneys

Information regarding zoning, setbacks and variances which may apply to this project.

4. Meet and consult with LDDA staff to review the application and attachments for consistency with the Design Guidelines and for a determination of readiness to proceed to the LDDA Design Review Committee.

5. When ready, the LDDA Design Review Committee shall meet with the applicant or the applicant’s agent who shall be prepared to present the project. Questions will be directed to the applicant or the applicant’s agent. Based on the Certificate of Review Application, associated materials, previous meetings, the presentation and question/answers, the Design Review Committee will vote on the project.

6. If Applicant’s project is approved, a copy of the Certificate of Approval will be forwarded to the Applicant if desired. Application denials will include an explanation of the Design Review Committee’s assessment of the deficiencies of the project.

7. Approved Certificates of Review will be sent to the Building Official and placed on file in the LDDA Office.

8. The Applicant or the Applicant’s Agent shall submit plans to the City of Lakeland’s Building Division for a permit (First Floor of City Hall). Plans will be checked by the Building Inspection Official to confirm that plans for permit are in accordance with the Certificate of Review.

9. Certificates of Review expire one year after the date of Committee approval or building permit application; whichever comes first. Once a Certificate of Review has expired, the LDDA Design Review Committee must review the project again.

10. Complications or unforeseen conditions during construction that force changes to the approved design outlined in the Certificate of Review must be reviewed and re-approved by the City and possibly the LDDA Design Review Committee.