Construction Updates

April 27,2015 Update

As we encourage and applaud more private investment in Downtown, we also have to endure the process it takes to get a project completed.  These growing pains are signs of great things to come!

I want to keep you informed as I learn about right-of-way disruptions.  As you can see, MIDFLORIDA is conducting renovations and has scaffolding on Kentucky and Lemon. You will see parking spaces and/or sidewalk closures in other areas of Downtown in the weeks to come:

122 E. Main Street was recently purchased by Kate Lake. She is renovating the second floor for My Office and More. You’ll see dumpsters in the alley and the loss of parking spaces along Main while undergoing demolition.  When completed, My Office and More will offer private offices and collaborative spaces in a historic building next to Munn Park.  Exposed brick walls, wood floors, wood rafters, and an atrium skylight frame the space that will house iconic Herman Miller furniture. Exciting, right!?  You can follow her progress on Facebook.

You will also see renewed activity at 234 N. Kentucky Ave. in the coming weeks. Fencing will close the alley, the sidewalk and several parking spaces as construction begins again.  When finished, all three floors of this historic building will be contributing to N. Kentucky’s already vibrant retail mix for the first time in decades.

Other projects are on the horizon and I will update you as I learn more. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at 863.687.8910