LDDA-CRA-DLP at a Glance

Some people get confused by the number of groups that work to make Downtown a better place to live, work and play. So, we will try to briefly explain the purpose of each group and why all have distinct and important roles in Downtown’s improvement.

Downtown has ONE Vision Plan, and each of these groups as well as the City Commission have adopted it.  The vision plan encompasses many goals and strategies that no one group or organization could accomplish on its own. These organizations are all working towards the same vision but are focusing resources in different areas defined in the plan.  These groups have to work together, but the point is to provide assistance and complement each others’ efforts, not duplicate services.

LDDA ( Lakeland Downtown Development Authority)  – Business Recruitment & Retention, Data Collection, Advocacy, Eyes & Ears on the Street
The LDDA’s role has changed over the decades as the city established additional CRA districts and the city commission became the CRA board.  Today, the LDDA’s focus is more streamlined: Marketing – Maintenance – Management.  To get a more in depth understanding of the LDDA’s role you can read about us on this site, but for the purpose of this page’s quick over view, it is important to point out that the LDDA is an advocate for the businesses and property owners in its district, and we oversee business development.  We want businesses to grow and prosper here and help by gathering data about the district and promoting it as a place to locate. We also communicate and facilitate a clean and safe community and work to enhance physical improvements.

How the LDDA is funded: Property within the defined district pays an additional 2 mills in property tax.


LCRA (Lakeland Community Redevelopment Agency) – Infill Development, Redevelopment and Revitalization

The Lakeland CRA is a public entity created by the City of Lakeland to implement redevelopment activities and stimulate private investment within the Downtown, MidTown and Dixieland redevelopment districts.  The activities and programs of the CRA are administered by the Community Redevelopment Agency, which is also the City Commission.  Advisory Boards are appointed to implement the Community Redevelopment Plan of each district.

How the LCRA is funded: Activities in the redevelopment districts are funded by tax increment.  Increment is the difference between the amount of property tax revenue generated before the tax increment financing (TIF) designation and the amount of property tax generated after the designation.  Only property taxes generated by the increment increase in the value of these properties after that are available to be used for redevelopment activities and programs in the respective districts.


DLP (Downtown Lakeland Parnership) – Events, Business to Business Connections, Community Outreach
If you are having fun in Downtown Lakeland, there’s a good chance that the DLP had something to do with it. First Fridays, Food Truck Rallys, the Holiday Walkabout, the Downtown Facebook page and weekly “What’s Happening Downtown” eblast are just some of the products the DLP uses to promote the FUN of Downtown.  The DLP gets the merchants connected and involved with each other because Downtown is stronger when it is promoted as a district rather than as individual stores and restaurants.

How the DLP is funded: The DLP is a membership based organizations and functions much like a mini chamber of commerce.  Businesses inside and outside of Downtown may join. DLP activities are also funded by sponsorships and sales.