Preservation Alley Water Utilities Improvements

As part of infrastructure improvements for preservation alley, water utilities will be doing work beginning as soon as tomorrow (see linked map) in the portion of preservation alley between Kentucky Avenue and the “T” of the alley (directly behind Nathan’s, POSTO9, and Property Shoppe)  AND  portions of the alley directly behind what will be Café Roti – 116 S. Tennessee Ave. (details about the work to come from water utilities at the bottom of this post)

These portions of the alley will be closed for up to 30 days in various stages while this work is being performed.  Business dumpsters in that area will be relocated to the end of the closure – near the alley “T”.  The work to be performed behind Café Roti will disrupt parking for the S. Kentucky businesses – Molly’s, Got Candy, & Two Hens. That work will NOT start tomorrow, nor will it take 30 days.  Once the work is complete behind POSTO9  the city will then begin work behind Café Roti.  A specific date cannot be given, but more information will be provided as to when that portion of the alley will be closed once the work progresses. This disruption of parking is expected to last no longer that 2 weeks.  Those merchants will be allowed to park on S. Tennessee, south of Lemon. Please place a piece of paper with your businesses name on your dash. Those merchants can obviously park anywhere for the 2 hours allowed on street, but should move to S. Tennessee once those 2 hours are exhausted.

POSTO9 construction parking – the two spaces just south of Main street on Kentucky will be coned for construction vehicles that are currently parking in the alley.

POSTO9 dumpster – 2 spaces on Main Street in front of POSTO9 will be the relocation place for the dumpster while water utilities does their work.

Details of the work from Water Utilities:

To recap our meeting this morning at Preservation Alley, the Water Utilities Department will be repurposing a previously installed “Dedicated Fireline” to now allow domestic water service use and the increased demand on the existing water system.  This repurposing will require work to be performed within the alley way and not have to perform additional water utilities work (open cutting of the roadways, removal of the street scape, and disruption to motoring and pedestrian traffic) on Tennessee, Kentucky, or Main Streets for  the increased water demand as a result of the development in the area.  This work should take upto about 4 weeks to complete that will include taking up brick, exploration of the area, and pressure testing, chlorinating, and sampling for the Polk County Health Department  (PCHD) for this line to be used for potable consumption of water and the bypassing of the existing backflow preventor while also tying the existing 6” and 2” watermains together for circulation and increased resilience.

The Water Utilities Department will start at the east end of the alley adjacent to Kentucky Ave., once the rollon/rolloff dumster has been removed.  We will be removing the brick (and stacking it) in the area to expose the existing water system in the area to determine waterline routing, connections, and other existing underground utilities.  After this, we will need to install a sample tap on the exposed line for chlorination of the existing line.  We will then move to the southend of alley preform our flushing, sampling, and tying the 6” watermain to the existing 2” watermain.  Once with system has been cleared by the PCHD, the WU Dept. will bypass the existing backflow preventor; this backflow preventor will remain in place for Nathan’s Mens Store fire system and tie the water system together, backfill and compact as directed by Public Works and have Public Works or their contactor reinstall the brickwork in the areas that Water Utilities has been working to allow for the reopening of the alley.