Preservation Alley Compactor is up and running!

Preservation Alley now has a new trash receptacle. The city has gotten rid of the open dumpsters and replaced them with one, single 90 cubic feet compactor.  The compactor holds almost 10 times as much garbage as the previous dumpsters combined. Plus, it is locked so only authorized users have the ability to use it.

The closed/locked construction also keeps birds and other dumpster divers out of the trash.  It is cleaner and takes up much less space in the alley than the multiple containers behind the businesses.

The compactor will run automatically, controlled by a sensor on the door determining how many times the door has been opened. But each user will get 2 keys – one for the lock to the door and one for the compacting. Users can compact the trash as needed manually as well.

Below is a link to a video of how to lock the compactor and another video explaining how to run the compacting.

Unlocking and Locking the Compactor Video

How to run the compacting Video