North Kentucky Street Closure and Trader’s Alley Work


Because of the length of the street closure and the nature of the work, I am sending this notification to all on the LDDA contact list.

The City of Lakeland’s Public Works Department will be installing a storm drain in Traders Alley. This work will close North Kentucky Ave. at Traders Alley as well as parts of Trader’s Alley. Work will begin Monday, January 9 and is expected to take under 4 weeks to complete.  After consulting the businesses in the area, the work was planned to avoid the holidays and the First Friday events. It will of course affect the Saturday Farmers Curb Market for those weeks as well as any other event planned during that time.

Here are the details of the work. Also see attached drawing.

There will be a trench across both lanes of Kentucky Avenue centered on Trader’s Alley (see blue on drawing.)  The trench will also extend about 100 ft west into Traders Alley. The work area is shown in red. The sidewalks in front of the adjacent businesses will be clear, however pedestrian access across Traders Alley will only be allowed on the east side of N. Kentucky. Expect city vehicles and equipment in the work area. There will be no pedestrian access in the alley’s work area.

Access to Keller Williams and the Lakelander will be maintained via Tennessee Avenue. If unforeseen events require the city to modify access for a day or two, those businesses along Traders Alley will be notified in advance. Access will be maintained to Parking Lot D in the northeast corner of the intersection. Cars can access the parking lot on Kentucky from the north as well as Trader’s Alley from Massachusetts. Every effort will be made to maintain pedestrian access along Kentucky Avenue and to open up vehicular traffic as soon as it is safe to do so.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or need clarification.

Julie Townsend, Executive Director
Lakeland Downtown Development Authority