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If you a returning vendor to the Makers Market, DO NOT fill out this form. We will send all Makers who are in our database an email on the 15th of each month asking them to RSVP for the following month’s event.

First Friday has added a Makers Market north of the railroad tracks.  The Makers Market is open to vendors who create their own goods–handmade, homemade, homegrown. We do not allow Internet sale items or independent distributors/multi-level marketing.  We do allow vendors who are artists, artisans, craftsman.

If you are not a Maker, please go back to the previous page and apply as a First Friday exhibitor.

Vendors at the Makers Market are allowed to sell their goods. At this time while we are trying to build the Makers Market, all fees associated with participation are waived.  We will give several months notice of when fees will no longer be waived and what those fees are. But for now–no charge.

Participation in the Makers Market is by application. The week prior to the event, we will notify all of the vendors of their exact placement in a welcome email. The email will also explain set up and break down instructions and parking.

Please note, placement will change every month. Vendor locations will be chosen randomly. Please do not request to relocate.

Also, we are a rain or shine event. Every vendor must make their own decision (based on the weather report and their product type) about whether or not to attend.

Are you a current vendor who needs help understanding where to park? Here’s a link to a map.

If you have any other questions about the Makers Market or First Friday in general, please email us at