LDDA Improvement Grant

LDDA Grants – Purpose and Priorities

The Lakeland Downtown Development Authority desires to increase the business density in Downtown Lakeland (particularly retail), redevelop vacant properties with a focus on high demand areas, and improved building exteriors to increase walkability and connectivity throughout Downtown.

Grants and their amounts are awarded at the discretion of the LDDA board. The board considers many factors in its decision, including but not limited to the following:

  • Project location
  • Project significance to the redevelopment of Downtown
  • Property’s significance to the redevelopment of Downtown
  • Business type and how it complements the existing business mix
  • Property’s proposed use and activity generated (anticipated occupancy); projects ability to bring added visitors to Downtown
  • Hours of operation
  • Applicant experience
  • Applicant invest in the project
  • Property owner investment in the project
  • Number of jobs added to the LDDA district
  • Total cost of the project
  • Market saturation

The LDDA board will discuss each applicant/project at a regularly scheduled LDDA Board of Directors Meeting unless otherwise scheduled. Applicants are expected to attend the meeting and present their projects to the LDDA Board. Applicants should anticipate answering questions from board members. Grant awards are contingent upon conditions identified in the grant application.

Tenant Leasehold Improvement Grant 

  • Electrical Upgrades – service upgrades, panel, upgrades, added circuits
  • HVAC/Mechanical Upgrades – install new mechanical and/or duct work to replace window unit; reconfigure ductwork for layout; upgrade to larger system required by increased occupancy
  • Plumbing Improvements – backflow preventers; drainage systems; connections; water lines;
  • ADA Improvements – ramp; bathrooms – (increased square footage, ADA toilet, wall mount sink, handrails); lifts/elevators for second floor access
  • Utility Connections – from the property to the city services; gas lines
  • Fire/Life Safety – sprinklers; fire separation
  • Fiber – wire for internet
  • Other cost associated with bringing the building up to code

No converting retail space to office or restaurant (in core*)

Office Priorities:
Second floor office
Ground floor locations outside of retail core*

*Retail core identified as:
Kentucky & Tennessee from Lemon to Oak
Lemon, Main, Pine, Bay from Mass Ave to Florida

Retail Priorities:
Any location currently utilized as ground floor office or chronically vacant in the retail core*

Grant Awards:
Grant amounts vary based on many factors that may be considered from the above list.  However, Historically awarded grant funds have been approximately 4% of the total redevelopment costs of the project. Funds are allocated as a reimbursement once a project is complete.


Complete applications are due to the LDDA office – 117 N. Kentucky Ave Lakeland FL 33801 or jtownsend@LDDA>org by the last day of the month to be on the agenda for the following month’s meeting. (For example, to be on the September LDDA Board meeting agenda, the application must be received by August 31)