Food-Related Incentive Program

Food-Related Services Incentive Program

The Restaurant Incentive Program is intended to attract food-related service providers, restaurateurs and specialty food providers to relocate or establish another location in Downtown or help an existing food related business to expand services that will result in additional products/services and extended hours of operation.

The Food-Related Services Incentive Program offers up to $15,000 in dollar-for-dollar matching funds to assist in establishing or upgrading food-related businesses in the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority’s Redevelopment Area. Matching funds are a grant that can be used to offset the cost of eligible lease-hold improvements necessary to establish and operate a food service or restaurant business.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Eligible businesses are food-related ventures such as sit-down restaurants, coffee/tea shops, bakeries, commissary kitchens, mobile food establishments, grocery stores, produce markets, health food stores and other specialty food stores.
• All properties within the LDDA are eligible.
• Drive through facilities, convenience stores with motor vehicle fuel sales, bars, lounges and related entertainment uses are not eligible for the food-related services incentive.
• Governmental entities and not-for-profit entities are not eligible.
• Grants are intended for rehabilitation and restoration of existing properties only. New construction is ineligible.

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