Citation Increased to $25 Starts Aug 1



LAKELAND, FL (July 24, 2017) – Starting August 1, 2017 those that receive a parking citation in Lakeland will pay more because the fine has been increased from $15 to $25 for all parking offenses and habitual offenders can receive up to three violations per day instead of two.

Violators that park in a disabled parking space without the proper permit in the form of a marked vehicle tag or placard will see their fine increase from $100 to $250 for each infraction. Also, effective August 1st, additional time to pay parking citations will be increased from 10 days to 21 days.

The City Commission recently made the decision to increase the fine for parking infractions after hearing a report from staff.  Angelo Rao, Manager of Traffic Operations said, “We are experiencing a high demand for parking in downtown Lakeland because the increase in businesses in the area and the addition of new residential projects.  These factors along with our event and visitor traffic put parking at a premium.”

There are currently 547 on-street parking spaces in downtown Lakeland along with 764 parking lot spaces and 1,542 City-owned parking garage spaces available to the general public.

Julie Townsend, Executive Director of the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority said, “With these parking spaces shared more frequently, there will be additional opportunities for customers to enjoy their downtown shopping/dining experiences.”

As a way to get the word out, Parking Service Attendants have been notifying current violators when issuing a parking citation with and added notation – Please note for future reference, effective August 1, 2017, parking violations will increase to $25 and disabled parking infractions will be increased to $250.



Kevin Cook
Director of Communication863/834-6264
Twitter @lakelandgov